Pure Water
For People & Birds

We have Put "Matka" Drinking Water in 17+ Places. We have Arranged Drinking Pot on Roof and Ground.

Healthy Food
For Poor People

We have Done 97+ Events and Fed 50,000+ Poor People.

Medical Facilities

We Donate Bloods to The Needy Person and We arrange Ambulance in Case of Medical Emergency.


We Provide Free Education to The Poor Students & Slum Areas. We Help Them to Achieve Their Dream.


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Receive Donation

We have few team members who donate from their salary on monthly basis.

People can donate using: Paytm, Gpay, phone Pay & pay pal.

Cloths Donation

We have donated clothes to the roadside beggars. Clothes were given to homeless people who lost their in Fire accident.

Social Activities

We have arranged plantation in the park and we helped people in migration. We have distributed footwears, biscuits, masks & water bottle for their journey.